Tattooed Heart (Under My Skin Book 3)

Tattooed Heart (Under My Skin Book 3)
Sometimes love is the only way to heal a broken heart. Bull and Tara were best friends until they couldn’t deny their feelings any longer. Just when Bull was about to make his move, fate ripped them apart. They were finished before they ever started. Years later, Bull has given up on the idea of true love, settling for good times only. After waking up in the hospital after his heart attack, he realizes he has another chance at life, and with that, another chance at love. This time he’s not giving up so easily. Tarah will finally be his. Just when he thinks he’s healed from his near-death experience, another obstacle is thrown in the way. Bull has a past that refuses to stay there. When secrets come to light, Tarah struggles with the decisions she has to make. After all, it’s not only about her. She has a son to think about. Will they get their happily ever after, or will sins from the past rip away their chance at love? $3.99 on Kindle.
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