The Siege

The Siege

The desert winds brought the marshal to town.

He rode out of the wilderness, his duster flapping like black wings, his hat concealing his face except for the scraggly growth across his chin. A pearl-handled Colt rested in the holster at his hip, and he seemed more shadow than man in his black clothes. Like all great things signaling a shift in the world, he arrived unnoticed by anyone, barely visible through the dust storm.
Kris Jensen only wanted a drink and a night with an accommodating saloon girl, but fate has much more in store for him when a renegade army set its sights on the town of Mimosa. Their purpose? To drive out the settlers and townsfolk from land coveted by a secret enemy.

With the help of wanted fugitive Flynn Brenner, old friend Jack Fenwick and a suicidal conman, Adrian Sharpe, Kris must rally the people of Mimosa to fight for their very existence before it’s too late.

Can Kris and his friends save Mimosa from the forces rallying against it? Find out in the first installment of this thrilling new series, The Mimosa Tales! $0.99 on Kindle.
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