Complete Hearts: Ann Arbor Hearts Male/Male Romance Series Collection

Complete Hearts: Ann Arbor Hearts Male/Male Romance Series Collection
My body is supposed to be off-limits to him. But my heart won’t be complete until it’s his. I really shouldn’t be fantasizing about Colton Singleton. Not only is he my professor here at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, but he’s also trying to get tenure and therefore needs to be on his best behavior. That means he should not be keeping me after class and looking for reasons to flirt with me… but I like it when he does.

There’s also the fact that he’s way older than me. Like, old enough to be my father. Not to mention the fact that he’s still closeted. If we were to keep getting together, it would be amazing. But if word got out about us, it would be horrible! So, I need to not think about how good it felt when he kissed me. I need to never let him put his hands on me again, or let myself lean up against that strong, muscular chest of his. I definitely need to stop wanting him. Except he’s all I can think about. I might not have any choice except to see where this takes us. Especially because he’s determined to make me his, despite all the reasons he shouldn’t.

Complete Hearts contains all the books in the Ann Arbor Hearts series, which are full-length steamy male/male romance novels connected by setting and friendships. The titles included are: Awkward Hearts, Troubled Hearts, and Hearts on Lockdown.

The three books are best enjoyed together in this binge-worthy collection, and with a big glass of water nearby due to so much heat in addition to all those feels and all that humor! Each story has no cliffhanger and a very happily ever after. $0.99 on Kindle.
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