Claimed For Good

Claimed For Good
I’m an anti-Romeo. I remove love.
Everyone wants to tattoo their lover on their skin, but what happens when that love goes broke Me. I happen. I remove the memory one drop of ink at a time.
That’s why I’m not falling in love. Ain’t nobody pulling the wool over my eyes. F*ck that.
My time serving in the military opened my eyes to the real world.
Everybody leaves in one way or another.
No way in hell I’m hitching this wagon to one woman when I can enjoy as many as I please while making a fortune lasering ugly tattoos off of heartbroken singles.
Don’t hate the player. Hate the game.
I’m good until a pretty smile and great curves steal my thoughts.
She’s shaking everything up in my life.
She needs a date for an upcoming wedding and I need a fake fiancée to help my business image. We’re a match made in heaven.
The hope is that we get to “play house” in all the ways possible.
She just wants the short term, but I’m claiming her for good. $0.99 on Kindle.
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