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The Mile High City. Small enough you don’t feel lost in the crowd, big enough you have to work hard to make your mark. And for six couples, it’s the backdrop for finding love and passion.

Book 1 – Not So Friendly Intent – Shane and Elliot have always used jokes and silly bets to help each other through life’s difficult moments, so when her engagement fails right as he’s preparing for the biggest game of his life their antics are the perfect distraction. Or they would’ve been, if they didn’t test the boundaries of their friendship.

Book 2 – Purely Novel Intent – My agent says most men are too insecure to date a romance novelist. I guess that means I should keep my alter ego a secret.

Book 3 – Totally Inevitable Intent – Divorced? Check. Over 30? Check. Single mother? Check. What are the odds I’d find a sexy, single man who isn’t allergic to a woman like me? Turns out the odds are good.

Book 4 – Willfully Malicious Intent – Who would be foolish enough to give the man who broke her heart a chance to do it again? Me.

Book 5 – Thoroughly Innocent Intent – He’s got a reputation to uphold. So do I. But it’s my career that would suffer if the press gets wind we’re dating.

Book 6 – Strictly Forbidden Intent – They said we were too young to fall in love. They were wrong. And they cost us everything. I think.

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