Free: Escape to ‘Indrieg’

Escape to 'Indrieg'
In this short story Daryl welcomes you into his ‘safe place’, “Indrieg”,

“an island of dreams and boundless possibilities, blended seamlessly with impossibilities … coral sand beaches, waterfalls, lakes and palm trees.”

As he escapes the pressures of everyday life, landing unceremoniously on the stool in his shed, he soon gets to work on his latest project. Time is of the essence – at any moment he may be forced to make an unscheduled departure, landing back in reality with a thud!

Maybe you can relate to Daryl’s frequent visits to his own world! Maybe, you know what it’s like to experience the cost of an unintentional grunt of agreement, whilst engrossed in adding the most intricate finishing touches to your latest project! If so, you’re bound to enjoy reading, as Daryl humorously recalls the embarrassing situations he finds himself in, when returning to reality.

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