Run Through Barriers

Run Through Barriers
Inspiring stories and practical plans to kick-start your running adventure

Want to start running, but life keeps getting in the way? You’re not alone. Even with the best intentions, many common barriers often stop us in our tracks; ageing, illness, unfitness, busyness, tiredness and anxiety.

Run Through Barriers analyses and challenges these obstacles by using real-life examples of people who have overcome them to transform their health through running. You’ll hear from:

• Eileen Noble, one of Britain’s oldest female marathoners
• Roger Wright, who has battled obesity to rack up over 66 marathons in 11 years
• 70-year-old ultramarathoner, Ais North, who keeps running despite multiple illnesses
• Delores Durko, a busy mother, on finding time in crammed schedules for fitness
• and many more

These stories are followed by motivating actions and comprehensive week-by-week running plans that will guide you from complete beginner to more advanced plans for the 5k, 10k, and half marathon distances.

Start your running journey today with Run Through Barriers. $0.99 on Kindle.

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