Free: Ace the Half: Run Your Best Half Marathon, Get in Shape, and Finally Tick “Finish the Race” Off Your Bucket List

This insightful training strategy writing is full of running advice for novices and recreational athletes. Here to help in your planning and preparation is a guide through your half marathon journey – whether that’s to check it off your bucket list or if it’s to get fit. Ace The Half is an engaging book by running coach Beverly Asante Puschmann, who is a certified distance-running coach, a certified nutrition coach, and who is a half marathon runner herself. She’s sprinkled in relata... [Read More...]

Play Faster Golf, Have More Fun And Explode The 4-Hour Fallacy

Want to play more golf despite a too-busy schedule? Feel frustrated or impatient when a round takes 4 hours or more? Does being stuck behind – or with – slower players get in the way of your good time? It doesn’t have to be that way. This book debunks the myth that four hours is a good pace of play for a round of golf. Starting with pre-round preparation and continuing throughout all key stages of the round, Levy offers concrete and easy-to-follow tips for playing faster and better an... [Read More...]

The Art of Finishing in Soccer: Soccer Finishing Drills and Secrets to Take Your Game to the Next Level

‘You speak bad of me, I score goals,’ This was a famous line of soccer Italian bad boy, Mario Balotelli. ‘You never get fed up scoring goals,’ said the English Premier League’s all-time leading goal scorer. It’s a good job; Alan Shearer did it 260 times. That other fine English exponent of the art, Gary Lineker, feels the same. ‘I was only interested in scoring goals,’ he said. I wasn’t interested in anything else.’ It is a passion for the little Argentinian master, Lionel M... [Read More...]

The All-Time Greatest NBA Book

This is not your ordinary greatest players/teams list. This book gives a broad view of what makes a certain player or team great. It uses a variety of statistics, countless references from well-respected sports journalists, opinions from a variety of NBA players and coaches, and a refreshing point of view from a die-hard and dedicated NBA fan to reach the most unbiased and the most educated rankings. The book discusses the 50 greatest teams of all time. Then there is a fun discussion about a si... [Read More...]

Free: History of Baseball for Kids: Basic Knowledge of Baseball with Some Fun Facts and Records

The perfect baseball companion for curious young minds. Is your home buzzing with all things baseball? Do you find your child transfixed during matches? Are they constantly asking questions about the game and the players? Rightly dubbed ‘the spirit of America’, baseball continues to enjoy high popularity as America’s favourite pastime — and has done ever since the early 20th century. According to Forbes, Major League Baseball continues to attract more than 8 million viewers from Ame... [Read More...]

History of NFL Football for Kids

The History of NFL Football for Kids Basic Knowledge of NFL Football History With Some Fun Facts and Records William Lawson Get excited about the colorful history of America’s most popular sport, even if you don’t know the first thing about football… Football is one of the great American pastimes. From the Super Bowl to the Thanksgiving game, millions of families gather throughout the week to watch their favorite teams duke it out. Kids and grandparents alike share the thrill o... [Read More...]

Soccer Mental Toughness: Soccer Coaching to Improve Mental Strength for a Winning Mentality

Are you ready to take your soccer game to the next level? Improving your mental strength could be the answer. Things don’t always go our way. That is true in life, in our career, in our relationships and, of course, in sport. That sweet hit from the tee that lands perfectly on the fairway, and races on and on…and on, straight into the bunker. $4.99 on Kindle ... [Read More...]

The Spectrum of Greatness: An Inspirational Youth Football Fiction Book about Overcoming Adversity and Excelling with High-Functioning Autism

Drawing on author Jared Alexander’s own triumphs over high-functioning Autism, Spectrum of Greatness is an empowering Teen, Pre-Teen, and Children’s fiction novel that teaches kids the values of teamwork, friendship, diversity, and inclusivity. This book is for readers of all ages. 12-year-old running back David Washington loves football and plays for the South Side Bandits. The Bandits are one of the worst youth football teams in Chicago. He also struggles with High-Functioning Autism and ... [Read More...]


Wheelboys is an emotional, action-packed novel that follows a summer for three Alabama families entangled in youth racing – a winner of the 2020 Readers’ Favorite awards and the 2020 eLit Book Awards. When his best friend is in a tragic car crash, Chad Gibbons finds his plans to graduate from competitive go-karting to auto racing with the legendary Kilgore racing family are put in jeopardy. Elle Dillanger struggles with criminal charges against her son, but the truth about her son’s accid... [Read More...]

The Goalie

A professional ice hockey goaltender struggles with his inner demons and mental health after blowing the biggest game of his career. An act of hopeless and spun rumors by the media send him from the top of the league to living life away from the game. Years pass, when a familiar face comes calling with the promise of a better life across the country and a chance to escape the mundane life Ben has faded into. All seems quiet until a run-in with one of the NHF’s best breathes new life into the S... [Read More...]