Daddy’s Best Friend Secret

Daddy's Best Friend Secret
He was a known playboy, on the cover of every single magazine.
The man who invested in my father’s company.
And he also happens to be the sexiest man who has ever walked this planet.

He’s off-limits to me.
And even if I did want him, I have a boyfriend.
As long as I don’t see him, I don’t want him.
But my dad has other ideas when he invites him on a beach trip with us.

Next thing I know, I’m in his bed.
And not just once.
I can’t help this addiction I have to him.
Resisting him demands willpower I don’t have.

Forbidden has never felt better.
But life isn’t without consequences.
Being pregnant was never in my plans.

Is the renowned playboy going to change his ways for me…
And what is my father going to do when he finds out?
What am I willing to risk for passion and fire? $0.99 on Kindle.

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