A Second Chance at Forever

A Second Chance at Forever
The last time I saw Landon Nash, he was leaving town with a target on his back and my heart in his hands. Fifteen years later, fate brought him back into town and stupidity brought him back into my bed. It’s hard not to admit that life is passing me by. It seems like all of my friends boarded the happily ever after train and somehow, I was left twiddling my thumbs when it left the station. Still pinning for the same man who broke my heart. Landon and I weren’t just high school sweethearts. He was it for me, my twin flame. My everything. So when he skipped town with only a note, it was like time stood still for me from that day forward. But now he’s back and the mysteries surrounding his disappearance are no clearer. It feels like everyone in this dead-end town knows something I don’t. My brothers still hate him. I still love him. I’m pretty sure there’s some cliché phrase about history repeating itself when it comes to love but clearly, I never listened. I thought he was my second chance at forever. I thought he wouldn’t break my heart all over again. Instead, I mistook all the warning signs for butterflies. $2.99 on Kindle.

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