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Tales From Fog World
Magic is returning, but the old ways won’t let go without a fight.

For a thousand years, corrupt royal houses, led by a string of power-hungry kings have conspired to force wizards, sorcerers, and spell casters to the shadows where they live like fugitives.

Now something dormant has awoken in Fog World, threatening to shift long-established balances of power.
Get a glimpse of the realm before the cycle of change begins. A widow clings to her only son in the face of a mystical calling. A mountain ranger is drawn to a dark encounter at the behest of his champion wolf. An itinerant sorcerer stumbles upon an ancient prison and a connection to forgotten magic.

“Tales From Fog World” is a prequel collection for the brand new, epic fantasy series, Fog World. These five short novellas reveal a world hanging on the brink, teetering on the edge of catastrophic changes. Free on Kindle.

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