Chase of the Rising Sun

Chase of the Rising Sun
Immersive, fascinating and with an ending that will quite simply…blow your socks off!

Who ever really knows themselves? And if you don’t know yourself, can you ever be truly happy? Mark Rasper is a thirty-year old, man who has always had a fascination with Japan. It started when he played Metal Gear Solid with school buddy Paul, becoming thoroughly captivated not only by everything Japanese, but by the character Solid Snake. When a transfer opportunity turns up at the company he works for, he doesn’t hesitate, and before he has time to change his mind he is on a plane to Tokyo. Mark is no tourist; he is there to be absorbed into this kaleidoscope of colors, with its rich heritage and honorable lifestyle. He soon learns that karoshi means overworked to death, and that being able to sing makes him a karaoke star! But what will he learn about himself? Is he embracing a new life, or simply running away? What will it take for him to stop and really look deep?

Chase of the Rising Sun is an invitation to take a peek into the wonderful, colorful world that is Japan. Soak up traditions, and experience real life in Tokyo – a world apart from ‘Lost in Translation.’ Absorb the atmosphere; get to know the people, and witness first-hand one of the most devastating events in Japanese history.

Drench yourself in Japanese culture, and to read a story with an unexpected and extremely powerful ending! $0.99 on Kindle.

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