The Diary of an OCD Bookseller: One Book at a Time

The Diary of an OCD Bookseller: One Book at a Time
Jim Bailey is a Gulliver walking the nooks and crannies of a beach community simply trying to sell his books, do his research, and find a port where he can write the Next Great American Novel and Worldwide TV Series – only to meet the weird, the wacky, and the odd – person or situation which may or may not get him back in time to switch his car to the other side of the street before the cops tow away his sleeping quarters.

And the Power of O.C.D. Cannot Be Denied: Jim Bailey’s diary reveals A Don Quixote of a Writer-Against-All-Odds: An artist on foot, sleeping in his car, struggling to push his great work of written art up the steep hill of Competition, Access, and The Marketplace. Or: Tilting at sun worshipers, book-readers, the homeless, agents, or producers he meets on his daily rounds of beaches, coffee shops and the rear aisle of bookstores he sneaks into trying to sell his books. Great characters. A funny read.

One day he’s meeting a movie star in Malibu that purchases his book and the next minute he’s fighting off a psychotic street person. Jim is obsessed with getting a bestselling book that leads to a movie option. If you like quirky and fun books you will enjoy Jim’s journey from one book store to another. Never leaving unless he a cajoles someone to buy one of his books. $2.99 on Kindle

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