Pilot Dragon’s Island Girl

Pilot Dragon's Island Girl
All my life, I wondered where I came from.
I grew up in paradise, on a small island off the coast of Brazil.
The lone survivor of a horrific plane crash, my family found me when I was only a baby.
The young couple took me in, and made me one of them.
But I was not a typical child. I never got sick or injured.
I was faster and stronger than everyone in my family.
My family kept me safe. They urged me to keep my abilities secret.
So I lived my life in the shadows, concealing what I can do.
One day a gorgeous man shows up as a guest at my hotel.
But Owen is more than a man. He’s like me, and he shows me a world I’ve never dreamed of.
I’ve spent so long hiding.
Can I let this sexy shifter have a place in my life?

Can a dragon shifter help his mate find out the truth about her heritage? $0.99 on Kindle.

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