Beauty & Broken Daddy: A Second Chance Romance

Beauty & Broken Daddy: A Second Chance Romance
Noah Blakely, recently divorced, single dad, a successful businessman, gorgeous specimen of a man, needs a temp whilst his PA is on a six-month hiatus.

Brooke Jones, a university graduate with a degree in Applied Mathematics, spunky attitude, and a body that won’t quit. But her beauty isn’t just skin deep.

Brooke Jones
Brooding, ruthless, hot, broken…BOSS!
How can such an irresistible man be such a colossal jerk?
Mom said he had a kind heart, but I can’t find it.
He blows hot and cold but damn it…I want him!
Office fling, or serious contender for my heart?
Who knows?
Right now, I may smash his face in with an office chair.
Only time will tell.
Love is worth the pain and frustration.
Or is it?

Noah Blakely

My life is a succession of blows to the gut.
My ex-wife shattered my heart into a thousand pieces, leaving me reeling emotionally.
And, to add to my frustration, our young son, Cody, seems to be last on her list of priorities. Now, my PA is leaving for six months on some spiritual retreat!
Is there no end to this madness?
Enter, temporary PA.
Goddess, very smart, sassy, kind, and bloody irresistible!
I don’t want to, but I can’t stop thinking about making love to her.
I want her…

Will this beautiful young woman steal the heart of her bristly boss? Can he open his wounded heart to love again? $0.99 on Kindle.

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