Life Balance

Life Balance
Better life balance leads to a better life. Discover the simple step to fail-proofing your goals and improve your life balance — simple steps that will empower you to positively transform your personal life, family life, social life, and career life. Your life balance determines the quality of your life and relationship. Poor life-balance can become the lid to your potential to live your dreams and pursue your purpose. The problem is that improving your life balance has always been a complicated task… until now.

This book will coach you through reaching your goals and improving your life balance. In Life Balance, Paul W. Croswell teaches you how to win the mental battle, equips you with a better strategy for taking action toward your goals, and reveals the secrets to maintain success AFTER reaching your goals. You’ll discover how to:

– Reclaim a healthy synergetic life balance

– Silence your Inner Critic when you need to

– Identify the best people to help you on the journey and know who to avoid

– Be consistent in pursuing any goal you set

– Boost your mental health quickly, safely, and in a lasting way

– Find your tribe and build momentum toward your goal. $5.19 on Kindle.

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