Dark Universe: Dark Hearts

Dark Universe: Dark Hearts

Dark universe: Dark hearts synopses

A war between the light, and the darkness has been raging since the beginning of time. The side of light will come down to a few misfits, and criminals. A minister with a painful past, a prisoner in a dark hole, an angel on the run, A therapist serial killer, a spy with a very old secret, a soldier turning on his own, and an angel looking for love. All on a collision course with something greater then anyone could have imagined.

It all starts with a horrible act, and goes downhill from there. They will try to save the human race…if they can get past their own dark hearts. The fate of everything hangs in the balance…too bad these people are our only hope. Who knows maybe for once they will screw things up for the better.

The enemies line up. A sick clown, a general experimenting on things he has no place to, a monster made of stone, a mysterious man in black armor controlling beasts long forgotten, and something no person would ever guess. Sci-fi collides with the supernatural…and its gonna get messy $3.59 on Kindle.

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