Fun Stories Greatest Hits

Fun Stories Greatest Hits
Like humor books? Like 99 cent deals? Giddyup! FSGH hit #1 on Amazon. It’s a must-have comedy collection of 40 lol real-life stories sure to please humor readers, comedy connoisseurs & sitcom fans. Award-winning author R. Scott Murphy takes you on a wild ride through office pranks, insane dates, commuter clowns, garage sale gonzos, and Cub Scout failure. No topic is safe from his off-the-wall comedic sense of observation. Grab this great Kindle Countdown Deal or read the book in kindle unlimited. $0.99 on Kindle

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Disclaimer: "Fun Stories Greatest Hits" price was accurate on July 29th, 2020. However, Amazon Kindle book prices can and do change frequently and without notice. Before you buy a book on Kindle, it's best to double check the price. If you purchased a Kindle book that you thought was free, you can return it by following the Kindle book return instructions here.

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