We’re finally waking up from the nightmare. The Lost Breeds have been through Hell and back, and finally, life is slowing the fuck down. In the stillness, I realize that something is missing. All the other guys in the MC have women in their corner to kiss their wounds and help them heal. It’s my damn turn. I see her on a busy New York City street and know without a doubt—she’s the one. She’s everything a man like me dreams of. But she’s out of my league. Wayyyy out of it. A billionaire by birth. Lucky for her, I’m willing to be whatever she needs, what keeps her up late at night and drags her from sleep with yearning. This girl has no clue what’s about to hit her. Me. Full force with the desire to be deeply connected and fully devoted for the first time ever. Things are changing too fast to keep up. She’ll be my rock when it all falls apart. And she doesn’t even know me yet. $0.99 on Kindle.
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