Free: How to Escort Without Screwing Up

How to Escort Without Screwing Up
How does an escort screw without screwing up? No one taught Gypsy Rose how to escort. Early in her career she made many mistakes, leading to humiliation and disillusionment. Her one lament? “Why doesn’t this job that come with a manual?”

Now it does. How to Escort Without Screwing Up is that manual. Gypsy Rose details inside information from other escorts and her own experiences to help women new to the industry to navigate the murky waters of the escort industry.

But beware: The manual isn’t a lure into a glamorous world of millionaires and jet travel. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Gypsy Rose lays bare the dangers, drugs and sexcapades that are the harsh realities of escorting. Free on Kindle.

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