Billionaire Thirst: A Billionaire Romance

Billionaire Thirst: A Billionaire Romance
David is the man that everyone looks to when he enters a room. He had the body of hard labor, but he was known in the city for his tough business deals. David remembers Bo and everything that they did together underneath the stars in Eleanor. She was the only woman to make him feel and he wanted that feeling back. Badly

Bo was anticipating a big interview. It was with a billionaire that came from nothing and she always liked those kinds of stories. Even more when she was the one writing it. Bo isn’t prepared for who it is though. She shouldn’t actually know the man she goes to see. It’s a man she used to know very well, David. He was tall, handsome, sexy as hell and now wore a suit that cost more than some people’s cars. He looked damn good in it.

Beware: These two are like oil and water out of the bedroom. Bo’s on edge to get close to David. She knows he’s dangerous, but will that stop her from trying anyway? Can Bo stay away, or will David just be too tempting not to try? $0.99 on Kindle.

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