Shadow Informant

Shadow Informant
On a cold April morning, a suburban commuter stumbles over a body in an empty stretch of land used as a parking lot in one of Chicago’s small suburbs, Park Ridge. Detective Sergeant Caroline Osych of CPD must deal with the difficult strange case at the worst possible time in her life. She’s struggling to regain visitation rights to her children, taken away by her manipulative ex-husband, she’s broke and has no idea how to start dating again because she spent the last fifteen years raising a family and using her job as a stepping stone for her husband’s political ambitions. However, the bizarre murders investigation brings into her life the least likely man she’d have thought of as a new partner. Ben Lejeune is a career soldier, a widower with two teenaged sons alienated from him since their mother’s death.

Caroline slowly realizes that the fate of her children hangs in the balance because the murder of the young Park Ridge commuter connects her to a brilliant criminal who won’t or can’t reveal himself. She needs to solve the case if her family is to survive. $0.99 on Kindle.

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