Free: Cage of Bone

Suddenly, a murderers memories force their way into Max Iverson’s mind. Max is a private person by nature, isolated from his fellow humans. Now he is forced to know what the worst of them are thinking, and his nights are filled with nightmares. He is drawn into helping catch and punish the criminals whose thoughts he now knows. But now a cabal of criminals behind much of the major crime in the city is determined to eliminate him. Max must change from frightened quarry to pitiless hunter. ... [Read More...]

The Closer

I never saw her coming She appeared in my world an enigma. A lethal assassin who slips poison into the veins of her targets. And a single mother with a softness beneath her armor. Now, she’s trapped within my reach. Stubbornly silent, she guards her secrets fiercely, Her dual life is a puzzle I’m determined to solve. I will uncover the layers of this mysterious woman Whether through the intensity of my touch Or the sternness of my command. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]


In the gritty underworld of bikers and ex-military women, Yuri “Preacher” Goraya faces the ultimate test of loyalty and survival. As he strives to salvage his rocky relationship with Jacqueline “Jack” Landry, the club catches a break in their pursuit of the troublemakers wreaking havoc. When Preacher thinks he can finally let down his guard, a brutal attack leaves him on the brink of death. Riley James, a formidable member of The Muther’s, a group of ex-military wo... [Read More...]

Enchanting the CEO

She’s a white-picket-fence kind of girl, but I only do casual. My first mistake? Asking her to be my roommate. Gabe When someones down on their luck, I like to help out. Diane needed a place to stay, and my attic was empty. How hard could it be to have a temporary roommate? It turns out very hard. Living with her is turning out to be physically impossible. Every time she saunters through the living room, I cant help but want her. Whenever she gives me sass, I fantasize about kissing that ... [Read More...]

Before Their Time: 200 Inventions That Were Too Early

Imagine a world where Da Vinci’s robots roamed the Renaissance, where ancient skies were cut by wings far before the Wright brothers took flight, and where the hum of electricity powered cities long before it was a reality. “Before Their Time: 200 Inventions That Were Too Early” opens a captivating window into the audacious human spirit the dreamers and thinkers who dared to envision beyond the limitations of their epochs. Dive into tales of flush toilets that arrived before t... [Read More...]

Lady Apprentice

Highly recommendedTheres never a dull moment! (Wishing Shelf Book Award Finalist) Her homeland under siege. A dark sorcerer hot on her trail. All the prophecies say Linden can stop him. Who are they kidding? Linden is the worst mage apprentice in her school maybe in the whole country! When raiders ransack her home and steal one thing her portrait she realizes its personal. Grabbing her spell book and pet griffin, she sets out to learn who’s after her and why. Everyone claims she’s t... [Read More...]

Complete Fiction: Fake Children’s Stories, Fables, and Fairy Tales

Mother Goose wrote tales and nursery rhymes which captivated generation after generation. Her stories still flourish today. The first edition of these tales was published at the end of the 17th century. Three hundred years later, her son Brother Goose began coming up with his own bullsh*t, which has been compiled into this book. Complete Fiction is a total farce. Its a wonderful collection of stories that some of the whole family can enjoy! $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Sariah Chronicles Complete Series Boxed Set

Magic killed her parents. Will it kill her too? The amulet Sariah found in the mines looked liked her ticket out of her backwater life. The assassin who tried to steal it apparently thought it was valuable too. She learns about magic from a mystic. With magic, she could vanquish the forces that destroyed her life. She hates magic. Will her thirst for vengeance drive her into magics open arms? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]