Free: Complete Driving Guide For Teens (2023 Edition): An In-Depth Handbook to Create a Safe, Smart, & Skilled New Teen Driver Before They Even Get Their License

The Complete Driving Guide for Teens is the perfect book for any teenage driver. It contains in-depth information on important topics like defensive driving, the three-second rule, general maintenance/repair, how to properly read signs, why the speed limit is important, and much more. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

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Just Do This: A Simpler Way To Succeed In I.T. – Understand, Book 1 of 4

In this book, 20-year IT Services veteran D.J. Eshleman teaches you the framework he has used to advance his career from temp worker, to cubicle, to consultant, and now to coach and author. The great news? What he’s found is that SIMPLER IS BETTER. A system everyone on the team can follow is something that is missing in many ITIL, DevOps, and Agile models. You shouldn’t need a certificate or degree just to be successful in IT. This book introduces what D.J. calls the riskLESS™ IT Services... [Read More...]

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A Life Outside The Box: Lions, and Pythons, and Bears! OH MY!

TRUE-LIFE ADVENTURES and exciting events of a ‘life outside the box’. Filled with action, danger, and humor from a man who has lived it all. Forest fires, guns, police action, best animal encounters in the United States, floods, stunts and stunt car driving, life saving, cliff climbing, and edge of your seat events the author allows you to experience for yourself in this extraordinary work of non-fiction! The author describes this book as “filled with funny life lessons, teena... [Read More...]

Friday in Las Vegas

Isabel surveyed the crime scene, mop in hand. She should have been a cop like her dad, but flinching with her eyes closed every time she fired a gun kept her wiping up chunks instead of gathering clues. Too many chunks, though, has her thinking that it’s time to put her quirky shortcomings behind her and become the detective she was always meant to be. But can she duck the mob, shifty security guards, the handsome hotel manager, and the real cops long enough to crack a case in Sin City? $... [Read More...]


Madeline didn’t handle death well but had found an escape route to Zeroworld. She’d lived for centuries in a virtual New York where inflation was rampant, no one got old and there was absolutely no dying. Then her world changed. Miracles, flying pigs, freely materialising bazookas, angry elevators, everything turning blue and even dragons. $6.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]