Learning Spanish Using Storytelling

Learning Spanish Using Storytelling
Loren Harding, a college student from the US, is having a hard time keeping up with everyone in her class because she’s in a foreign country–Spain, and can’t speak Spanish very well. Who would have saved the day? A handsome graduating student named Sebastian Lopez. His brown eyes and incessant blushing make Loren feel giddy and excited for their léccions.

Spending time with each other hauled up in libraries, sharing abashed smiles in cafes, and visiting different places all of these became a part of their collaborative effort for Loren to learn Spanish better. But as days progress, they get to know one another, and soon, their meetups take a romantic turn. Along with all of the butterflies and secret stares, there’s the looming fact that the end of the semester is drawing near, and Loren has to go back home.

Amongst the struggles of learning a foreign language, who would have thought that one could find love in language learning? Certainly not Loren Harding. Learn Spanish Using Story Telling is your unconventional way of learning the Spanish language. $2.99 on Kindle.
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