Free: Tilted Scales: Inhuman Trafficking

Tilted Scales: Inhuman Trafficking
Jayne Hart, dubbed the “Southern Serpent” by the media, is one of Texas’s premier attorneys, famous for representing magical and non-human clients in court. No one knows about her dark past or how much she’s had to overcome to make it to where she is and that is just how Jayne prefers it.

When a simple favor to a senior partner plunges Jayne into a war between two magical crime rings, Jayne’s past threatens to unmake her. The stakes are raised by the discovery that Jayne’s half-elven foster sister is not only alive, but still trapped in the life that she helped Jayne escape.

With the help of a mysterious tengu swordsman, who may or may not be on her side, Jayne must battle these monsters in the courtroom and in herself to save the sister who saved her. Free on Kindle.
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