She can’t tell anyone who named her. It would doom the galaxy. She can’t let anyone know what she is. She would be banished for life. And yet she has so much to offer…and so much to discover still. The only one who understands her and stands beside her, is an outcast herself. And her only friend. She’ll risk everything to let her join the human ranks as an equal. She’ll stand beside her as no one has…together they are posted to Stratton, a mediocre space post on the edge of the Federation space; an insignificant roadside inn that serves the commercial traffic in the quadrant. They’re serving together; which is all that matters to them. However, just four months into their distant star-fields assignment, a hugely significant event is scheduled to take place. Stratton is about to be given high profile and an outstanding place in the history of the Federation. And the two young fleet officers are about to find themselves in a mercilessly glaring spotlight–while all the players hiding in the shadows have their guns trained on that exact same spot…and their trigger fingers are very itchy…. $0.99 on Kindle.
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