Free: The Four Commands of Christ: Disciplines of Faith

What causes Christians or believers to fall away from their faith? Do we see God’s glory working in our lives or other Christians’ lives? You may be spiritually tired and want to be left alone. Those of us who empathize with this feeling can get help in this book. In this book, you will learn about: Your purpose in Life Your mission in Life Goals for your Life How to deepen your walk with Christ Develop your priorities in lifeFord’s insightful Christian living advice will help... [Read More...]


Jackson I’ve given up on finding love. I’m fine loving my kids and not having that special someone to share my life with. That’s until Darian Lawrence walked into my life. She’s changing everything I thought that I knew. She’s beautiful, sexy, smart, funny and a little dirty. She’s suffered loss, and may not be ready to love me, but I’m ready to love her. Darian My soulmate left this world too soon. Part of me died with him. I’ll never get it back. I don’t know if I want it ba... [Read More...]

Cease Fire: A Space Adventure Book 2

Stranded in uncharted space, Karma is finding it harder to keep information from the crew. But what she knows will affect their chances of survival. At least with the crew knowing about the device it means that she can work with them to get it back online and find a way home. That would be the plan, but for a pesky distress call. A distress call they have to answer. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Big Shot

  Small Town. Big Murder. The number one secret to my success as a bodyguard? Staying under the radar. But when a wildly public disaster blew up my career and reputation, my perfect, solo life took a hard left turn to crazy town. And to bodies. Lots of dead bodies. I thought my tiny hometown of Nowhere would be the ideal out-of-the-way refuge to wait out the media storm. It wasn’t. My little brother had moved into a treehouse. The obscure mountain town had decided to attract tourists wit... [Read More...]

Free: Blade of Ash

A cursed king. A hunted sorceress. Their only hope for survival is each other. Newly crowned, Red blames one person for his father’s murder: the secret sorceress sworn to protect the king. Alyana Barron, Royal Sorcerer to the throne of Tandera, fears her magic is weakening. When Red is cursed, his life entwines with Aly’s in ways neither of them expected. Together, they chase after a cure that will heal the king and restore her magic, but the closer they get to a cure, the nearer th... [Read More...]

One For The Money

Finn Hughes knows about secrets. His family is as wealthy as the Rockefellers. And as powerful as the Kennedys. No one knows that the men in his line have a debilitating, early-onset illness. He’s managed the business from a young age while his father served as the figurehead. All the while knowing there’s a ticking clock on his ability to lead. Eva Morelli is the oldest daughter. The responsible one. The caring one. The one who doesn’t have time for her own interests. Especia... [Read More...]

Mental Performance Mastery: 2 Books in 1: A Guide to Speed-Reading, Learning Fast, and Improving Your Memory

Shift your mind into top gear with this 2-in-1 bundle! Book 1: Simple examples and proven techniques to speed up learning and streamline study. “Improved memory and focus are all things that can be learned from this well-presented book” Book 2: Transforms a reader from slow/average into fast and efficient. “This book demystifies speed reading” $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Fully Charged: Plug Into Your 5 Charging Stations to Feel Alive, Guilt-Free and Unstoppable. Finally.

This book is for anyone who dreams about normal life. It is a reboot program to transform any crisis, including living during a pandemic, into the present and future success. It is energizing, very approachable, and full of practical tips. While confronting life and its challenges, you will realign yourself to move forward in five simple steps. You will figure out what you want and will get it. It is the best conversation you will have with yourself. This book relates to many aspects of life an... [Read More...]

Free: The Billionaire’s Unexpected Wife

As soon as I saw her, I knew I had to have her. I thought this Vegas fundraiser was going to be boring—another obligation to keep the family business alive. Wrong. I don’t remember a thing about the night we spent together, other than how good she felt against me, like she was made for me. We woke up the next morning with more than we bargained for—wedding rings. Too bad I don’t believe in true love. I’d feel bad about it, but she’s got a strong opinion of me too. I’m a perpetual ... [Read More...]