Free: The Lodestone Series

On the planet Kelanni, life is cheap.

With the aid of the fearsome “Keltar” enforcers in their flying cloaks, a ruthless invader is forcing the native population to mine the colloquially named “lodestone” – a substance from another universe with infinitely destructive power.

The only ones who can stop him are a tiny girl with a fiery disposition, a former Keltar, a failed revolutionary, a musician and the mysterious creature Boxx, who seems to speak only in riddles…

Pursued by Keltar, the party will encounter bizarre creatures, ancient technologies and terrifying dangers. Finally, they must seek to cross a massive storm barrier in order to reach the other side of their world, where a world-shaking revelation awaits…

A space opera with a fascinating twist that chronicles the human invasion of an alien world. Will humans succeed in seizing control of the most powerful substance in the universe, or will the indigenous races prevent them?

Blending fascinating world-building with a strong character-driven storyline, this series sits amongst modern sci-fi classics, and true fans looking for a sci-fi epic for adults will not be disappointed.

With hundreds of verified reviews on Amazon, this is one sci fi series you don’t want to miss out on.

Lose yourself in an epic science fiction adventure! Free to 3.99 on Kindle.

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