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Escaping The Beast
This was the last time, she vowed.

Never again would she settle his debts or give him an alibi… she had said the same thing the last time, and the time before that.

When Katherine was summoned to help her charlatan father with his latest business deal, she convinced herself to go to her old man’s rescue. She was, after all, studying to become a lawyer and assisting him with the terms of a contract should’ve been a walk in the park.

What she hadn’t expected however, was that a deal had already been struck: her freedom had been sacrificed for her father’s. Determined not to act the victim or let her poker face slip, she finds herself negotiating terms with the devil himself.

One thing she is absolutely certain of; she won’t let her heart become part of the negotiations. Even if there is something about the dark and dangerous Lucian Nightingale that calls to her.

Lord Lucian Nightingale was preparing to leave the Darkhills to seek new distractions from the void of his long, immortal existence. Deciding to tie up loose ends, he agrees to an unconventional proposition from a man who owes him a large debt.

He never expected to fall for the woman who strode into his mansion like she owned the place. Drawn in by her intelligence, stubbornness and false confidence, Lucian finds himself compelled to know her better and quickly becomes determined to win Katherine’s trust and heart.

If he can do that, perhaps he can prove that he is not the beast that he first appears to be, and she might hold the key to banishing the loneliness that haunts him. Free on Kindle.

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