That One Almighty Thing

That One Almighty Thing
Anwar Montan. an orphaned product of an illicit fourteenth-century love affair is exiled from an aristocratic family in Provence by a grandfather who wants him dead. He is an outsider, growing up facing hardships and fighting for acceptance at a school for troubadours. Armed with no more than a thirst for knowledge of the world and a curiosity about his place in it, he enlists in his mentor’s pursuit of the most important challenge of his young life – to help uncover evidence of a nefarious cabal’s plot to oust Queen Joanna I. After being forced into conscription, he discovers love with the cabal’s private nurse but is soon framed for murder. Anwar must outwit his enemies before they have dethroned the Queen and killed everyone that he loves. $1.99 on Kindle

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