Sierra and Star

Sierra and Star is a beautifully illustrated children’s book for ages 6-8 years old. Sierra is a little girl who loves horses more than anything in the world. She spends time at her neighbors riding their pony Stormy in the woods. The day of her 8th birthday party she is surprised with the most amazing present. This book is available on Kindle, Amazon and will soon also be on Audible. $4.00 on Kindle ... [Read More...]

The O’Connell Family Christmas

As Christmas approaches, the O’Connell family’s loyalty is tested once again. Owen O’Connell wants only one thing: to put a ring on the finger of his long-time girlfriend, Tessa Brooks. But when her past fears become an obstacle between them, Owen may not get the new beginning and the happily ever after he truly wants. Meanwhile, Suzanne O’Connell finds herself in a year-long slump, being the live-in girlfriend of Deputy Harold Waters. Jobless and searching for something to give her lif... [Read More...]

Living the Life you Always Wanted

Do you lack peace or joy in your life—feeling stuck in your Christian walk? Do you find yourself wondering if there is more to the “abundant, victorious” life? If your answer is “yes” to any of these questions, then this book is for you. How do you get to experience the victorious life – The Life You Always Wanted? That’s the question this book answers on many levels. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Make Enterprise Great Again: The Gods Must Be Crazy!: Cradle of Communism to Catacomb of Capitalism

  It’s halftime America! Ay Yi Yai Yi! We are in the middle of The New World Order! Empires rise, decline, and fall. History has witnessed this cycle with the Romans, the Ottomans, and the British. They have all toppled, and if we are not careful, the US will be the next. ... [Read More...]

Operation Thunder Child

The truth can only be told in fiction… In this science fiction techno-thriller, former Ministry of Defence employee Nick Pope blends what he knows about political decision-making and warfighting with knowledge and experience gained on the British Government’s UFO project. The result is an alien invasion novel packed with insights into real-world military strategy, tactics and hardware, making for a terrifyingly real account. The tagline for this controversial book was “The truth c... [Read More...]

A Poor Man’s Supper

In the North Carolina mountains following the Civil War, two people, destined to love each other, are doomed to be apart. Vancie Keller is trying to survive on her mother’s failing farm when her life is forever altered by the arrival of two men, Josiah Buckland and Jagger Hill. One, she will love, the other she will marry. She has a secret neither of them know. Orphaned as a teen, Josiah Buckland came down from the rugged mountains of North Carolina to try to find work and possibly a home. H... [Read More...]