The Magic of Believing: Two Full-Length Paranormal Novels About The Power of Love

2 Full-Length Novel Sets:Including: WAITING FOR THE RAIN, M. JEAN PIKE: A woman with no future, a man with no past. A mysterious medallion that can change both of their lives. Forever. THE HOUSE ON SERPENT LAKE, BRENDA HILL: He waited for her to be reborn. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Bonded to the Dragon

Primal, sexy and so very satisfying! Sizzles from page one with toe curling and tummy tingling heat!” -InD’tale Magazine, Crowned Star of Excellence. 2019 Best Paranormal Romance RONE Awards Nominee Hope was MINE from the moment I saw her. Rule-breaker. Rebel. One hundred percent lush female. The more I learn about her, the more I crave her. The more she turns me away, the more I must have her. She fills my every waking thought, permeates my every dream. She reaches parts of me that... [Read More...]


The Ithilir people of planet Fora are insular people by nature. Rumor has that they are as cold as their planet, as coated with ice and unfeeling as the land they live on. That’s rumor, but the nature of strong warriors is fact. The battle unfolds as the Ithilir protect their home from the cruel dictator, K’varot. Tough battle warrior Cullen finds love in Sadie, an unforeseen love that may shake the foundation of Fora. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]


Eons ago Lucifer fell for her, his hidden love. Now he falls for her again, his hidden secret. The first love story of humankind happened in heaven and since the beginning of time Lucifer desperately is searching for his first love…and the story begins again! An expelled love, a forbidden story that will tantalize you to fall in love…$0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Ink & Arrows

An artist who inks magical tattoos…. Rea is a Suveri, part of a tribe that can create tattoos with devastating powers. Bitter after the death of her father at the hands of a cruel general, she tries to get revenge…only to fail at her mission and be saved by a mysterious stranger who demands to know the secrets of the Suveri’s tattoos. A prince searching for power.. Sebastyen is the heir to the throne and a warrior who has shed more blood than any other on the battlefield. Thou... [Read More...]

Free: Godhunter

Immortals walk the streets beside us. They call themselves Gods, but they’re not. They’re shapeshifters and enchanters. Thieves, manipulators, and murderers. And they’re at war…over us. I’ve been hunting them; one woman against the Gods. Yeah, the odds were against me. Until he showed up. The Thunder God of the Vikings just swaggered into my life. Muscles straining his leather shirt, eyes sparking with magic, and the sexiest smile I’ve ever seen. Is he my sal... [Read More...]

Dragon’s Mate (Elite Shifters of Colorado Book 1)

#Elite Dragon Shifters: Strongest and fiercest of the shifter clans. My mate comes from an ancient and powerful line of dragon shifters. I should feel honored and privileged, but I want that human florist. She is innocent and beautiful as those flower arrangements she makes. I couldn’t resist warmth of her touch and heat of her body when she asks for help in the gym. And now she carries my baby. It is time to break the boundaries and the years old hollow traditions. But… she just got to kno... [Read More...]