Free: MILLION-DOLLAR AGENCY: The Property & Casualty Owner’s Guide to Selling Millions in Premium Every Year

Would you like to convert more leads for your insurance agency? And would you like to reduce sales agent turnover simultaneously? Keep reading . . . Welcome, fellow insurance agents, to The Wealthy Agents Guide to Market Domination: A Complete Property & Casualty Insurance Resource to Building Your Unstoppable Agency This book is not just about surviving in the competitive world of property and casualty insurance, but thriving and becoming wealthy. As seasoned insurance agency owners, Jason... [Read More...]

Free: Journeys to Camelot: Merlin Sails the Seas of Time

The Council of Elders sent Merlin through time to find “the hope from the future” spoken of in an ancient prophecy. He finds two girls and three boys from one family, seemingly unlikely heroes, and takes them (kidnaps them?) to the Dark Ages–the time of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. Merlin loses them on their entry. They must rely on each other and their wits as they are threatened by wolves, changing trolls, a famous dragon, and shape-shifting magicians. The... [Read More...]

Free: Odar: Silence, Journey Through Despair and Redemption

After a harrowing rescue from forced captivity, Hovseps (who now goes by Joe) sister Mary has joined him and his wife Helen in Detroit. Her impending marriage fills her with uncertainty, but she remains taciturn and moves forward, grateful for her place in the new country. Joe and Helen continue to add to their burgeoning family, charting a course forward for their kin in America. Meanwhile, back in Kaladouran, Louisa and her family are faced with mass exile as her village is taken. Alice and h... [Read More...]

Your Brain’s Still Flashing

When Simon Steed gets released from the mental hospital, he needs a job to pay his bills. And quick! At last, he convinces a night court judge to let him represent indigent clients. Once Simon settles in at his childhood home again, he meets friendly neighbors, including a mysterious woman who is at first only visible at night through a sheer curtain. Who is she talking to on her phone at that late hour? None of the neighbors has seen her. Then he lands a wealthy client who has something on her... [Read More...]

Under the Sea: A Short Story Anthology, Vol. 2 (The Mermaid’s Grotto)

Take a dip in The Mermaids Grotto, but enter at your own riskeverything you think you know about merfolk is probably wrong. Fairytale retellings, eerie fables, and mysterious tales grace the pages of this second installment of the Under the Sea anthology series, perfect for fans of supernatural suspense and adventure. If you love folklore, gothic fairy tales, and urban legends, The Mermaids Grotto will ensnare you from the first page and wont let go! $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: That Feeling

The first time I saw her wrapped in skintight denim and a cowboy hat riding a mechanical bull, I knew she was trouble…The kind of trouble you spend all night praying never ends and a decade trying to forget. So tell me why, come Monday morning, she’s sitting across from me at our quarterly board meeting as the new director of social media for Slade Brewing, my family company. Brooklyn Dyer isn’t just a transplant from Chicago looking for the next step in her career, she’... [Read More...]