Murder in Mystic Hills

Ghosts, Witches, Magic, and Murder. What more could a paranormal cozy mystery reader want? Preschool teacher Belinda Harbinger’s summer vacation is going off the rails. After receiving a letter stating she’s inherited a tearoom and home, she’s shocked it’s from a beloved aunt she can’t remember… who could speak to the dead. And finding out she has the same power, it’s up to her to solve her mysterious relative’s murder. $4.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Into Dust

Ryan Malin had made a name for himself as the author of a very successful series of guidebooks on supposedly haunted houses. But there was always one that had been off-limits to him – Hewitson Cottage. That was until he was approached by the alluring Kelley Stranack. She and her fellow university lecturer promised a whole weekend of exclusive access, all expenses paid. Naturally, he jumped at the chance. Of course none of the places he’d written about were actually haunted, but this place&#... [Read More...]

The Patient (Beyond The Veil Book 1)

Four hundred years ago, the elven realm lost their greatest magician to the modern world. Now, they are returning to avenge the forces that took him. When the world was known as Avalyne, humans and magical beings lived in harmony. But over time, the elves retreated behind the Veil separating the modern world from the magical realm. In present day New York, psychiatrist Doctor Dan Ellis finds himself treating an elderly homeless man, brought in for vandalizing the imposing Malcolm Industries bui... [Read More...]

Free: Dreama’s Diary

This work was inspired after years of working in restaurants and wondering if strangers ever contemplate the lives of those who wait on them. If he or she chose to reach into that person’s life, what would they find? Just another human being trying to make it in the world. I sought to create a modern tale of forbidden desire set in a culture that loves talk shows and coffee. It is a quest to find what is sacred in a society that hungrily consumes and tosses away people like trash. And the... [Read More...]

Free: Chaos: Collision of Realms

A missing treasure. Mind-bending clues. Can he expose conspiracies and corruption without triggering deadly consequences? Tom Umbrar-Ment can’t believe his luck. Attending his best friend’s wedding, the easy-going contractor seizes the chance to approach the groom’s younger sister and his own secret crush. But all his protective instincts fire up when she’s targeted by robbers and loses a powerful ancient relic. Determined not to let his love take the fall, Tom fights hi... [Read More...]

Shadow Work Journal and Workbook, Updated Edition: Discover Your Shadow Self and Heal from Past Trauma to Find Greater Self-Awareness, Personal Transformation … and Recover from Unhealthy Relationships)

Discover your shadow self using the updated journal and workbook exercises designed for personal growth and mental peace. This 2 in 1 book offers steps to lasting change, unlocking the power of your thoughts, revealing your life’s purpose, healing trauma, and more. Use this if you’re ready for genuine personal development, embark on a journey of self-discovery, reconnect with your inner self, and liberate your soul. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Monster Crap

Beware of this hysterical and stinky adventure! In the silly little town where pumpkins glow, and Halloween parties come alive, a wild gathering of teenage monsters is in full swing. As the night progresses, trouble brews in their tummies as they ate too many sweets. One by one, the monsters suffer from upset stomachs, wicked gas, and literal monster craps! $1.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]