Free: The Watermelon King

After being laid off from his job at a prestigious consulting firm, Dean decides to embark on a journey across East Africa with his younger brother. Unknowingly, they travel into bandit territory where a medical emergency forces them to choose between their safety and their health. Inspired by true events, The Watermelon King follows the journey of two brothers as they backpack across one of East Africa’s most inhospitable regions. As they endure endless days of difficult travel, a series of s... [Read More...]

Love To Wreck You

Ash Falconer is a ruthless, cool-headed leader on and off the battlefield. He fights the urge to wreck the one woman whose family has wrought so much destruction in their wake. BUT … he’s torn by his unbidden attraction to her. Falling for her could wreck his plans to seek justice. Cece Mirren wants to build a fresh life for her and her son. She has no idea Ash thinks of her as the enemy. While he drives her up the wall with his cold and confounding attitude, Cece feels a wild ... [Read More...]

Happiness Comes In Threes

Transform Your Life’s Narrative, Embrace Happiness We all yearn for greater happiness—a life brimming with health, love, and purpose. Yet, on this journey, we encounter adversaries, challenges we must confront. Within the pages of this book, you’ll discover these adversaries and the keys to overcoming them. ‘Happiness Comes in Threes’ unveils a transformative path guided by Dan Garbati, an ICF Certified professional coach with thousands of hours of experience coaching ... [Read More...]

Illusions of 2050: Unraveling the Maze

Illusions of 2050: Unraveling the Maze” is a gripping crime thriller that intertwines an unorthodox romance and a relentless pursuit of truth. The story follows Alex, a determined detective, and Sophia, a brilliant coder, whose lives intertwine unexpectedly. As they form an unorthodox alliance, they must face the enigmatic Cipher, an organization of darkness and deception that threatens their city. As the city’s fate hangs in the balance, Alex and Sophia’s unorthodox romance becomes a sou... [Read More...]

Options Trading – Ride the Bull, Tame the Bear

In this guide, you’ll discover: How options are actually less risky and more profitable than trading stocks The 6-step “DIVERS” method for finding the right option to trade 8 dos and don’ts of options trading — avoid these rookie mistakes The difference between US and European “style” options What every investor should do before they even think about trading options — do this before every trade An “automated” tool you can use to help you pick the perfect stock for your optio... [Read More...]


Aliens have arrived… and this isn’t the first time. When the NCIS tasks her with deciphering an ancient text, linguist and cryptographer Charlie Cutter discovers the language on display in a series of top-secret photographs — and then an otherworldly pod crashes to Earth. Can she crack the code in time to prevent an all-out invasion of devastating proportions? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]