The Bringer of Happiness

“I should have assumed with parents known to the world as Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ, I would be different.” It is not her lineage that makes Sara different, it is her ability to time travel into other people’s bodies. When Sara, whose Aramaic name means ‘bringer of happiness,’ wakes up in Sarah-Marie, a young Cathar girl from Montségur, she believes it is her destiny to rescue her from the 13th Century siege. By saving Sarah-Marie, Sara hopes to safeguard her mother’s gospel.... [Read More...]

Rider: Mystic Venom MC

Rayleighn I moved to Mammoth to blend in and hide. I’d lived in fear for years of a man I knew would eventually come for me. One night everything changed- I met Rider. Rider The Mystic Venom MC wasn’t just a club it was my life. I wasn’t looking for anything else, but when I saw her stranded in the snow, I knew I had to have her. She needed a white knight, but what she didn’t realize was that I wasn’t a knight- I was a viper. $3.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]


While writing Chrysalis, my mind would, of course, return to the hospital room where I regained my life and freedom. As I strived to explain the experience, I noticed how it had changed me and set me on a better path to the rest of my life. This unusual experience, though difficult, improved how I react, and accept many good and not so wonderful things to come. If I were to meet you and take your hand, if at that moment I could give this learning to you, how glad it would make me! I extend this... [Read More...]

Dear Sam: Letters for a Great Life. All My Love, Always, Dad

In his debut book Dear Sam, Dewey Wright talks about the life lessons he figured out as he raised his daughter. With words to ponder and fatherly insight, it captures the heart of a father passing life wisdom to his child. Not how to change a tire or fill out a job application wisdom, but how to have a great LIFE. How to handle all the little things this life seems to throw at us and walk through with a smile on your face. So that one day when you get to the end of this road…maybe you enj... [Read More...]

The Amazing Adventures of MouMou & Friends: Episode 1

Meet MouMou, an extraordinary girl who just happens to have an extra chromosome, along with her best pals Enzo the magical cat, and Harvey the supersonic puppy. MouMou and her very special friends all have incredible superpowers that are revealed throughout the stories. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: What’s in the Suitcase?

Jennifer has made me a suggestion; pack two suitcases with ladies’ underwear & take them to Eastern Europe. The time is during the decadent West of the sixties & the strange world behind the Iron Curtain. Plus the lady whose husband is serving ten years in a political prison; & a trip to Istanbul carrying some dangerous material in the trunk of a beat-up car involving a stakeout with Interpol. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Stop Fear and Anxiety: Secrets to Easily Break Free from Fear and Obtain Happiness with Simple, Powerful Steps That Will Produce Results in Less Than 1 Year!

Have you always been overwhelmed on how to overcome fear and really want to take control over your life? If yes, this book is for you! This book, How to Stop Fear and Anxiety, exhaustively addresses how to break the cycle of fear and take total control over your life. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: The Virtual Bridge: How to Connect Remote Teams with Responsibility and Accountability

Build the bridge with those working remotely or considering are considering a blended workplace. Hire the right people, onboard them to set the stage for success, and develop a scorecard to keep on track Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Well-Mannered Horse: Developing an Ideal Equine Buddy

Working with your very own horse can be one of the most wonderful parts of your day… until it’s not. In The Well-Mannered Horse: Developing an Ideal Equine Buddy, Meredith Hill is back with more insight on how to deal with some of your horse’s less enjoyable behaviors. Does your horse pin its ears frequently? Are you afraid to actually get on your horse for a ride? Has handling your horse become dangerous? If you’ve been experiencing the same issues with your horse over and over again... [Read More...]