Summoner of Sleep

A dark family secret—A town that doesn’t exist on any map—and a drug that will unleash an apocalyptic, transformational horror on the world. Ryder Ashling’s world is turning upside down. He’s lost his job, wife, home, and now he’s doubting his sanity. Behind his descent are horrific nightmares so vivid that they follow him into the waking world. When he discovers his neighbor has been documenting his nightmares with scientific precision and leaving him vials of a dru... [Read More...]

South Side Alchemy

Jordan Peele’s Get Out meets Ray Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes. Abandoned at birth on Chicago’s South Side, Henry Lewis’s life could have easily become a cautionary tale. But the good nuns at St. Vincent’s Orphanage prepared him for a life outside their walls. . . even if he was Black. Twenty-five years later, Henry is still plagued by the questions of the past and his prospects for the future. With the White soldiers coming home from the war and more Southern Blacks head... [Read More...]

A Lunatic’s Laugh

Lilli Ashler was an actor who found fame in a play called A Lunatic’s Laugh, then she disappeared from public view. When Lilli dies, her granddaughter, Dominique, inherits her Gothic Irish mansion, which stands opposite a notorious asylum where the writer of A Lunatic’s Laugh spent time as an inmate before he dashed his head against the wall, his blood and brains seeping into the stone. The writer’s death led to rumors he was a practitioner of black magic and that the asylum is possessed.... [Read More...]

I’ve Never Told Anyone

“I know it sounds crazy, but I swear it’s true…” High up in a firewatch tower. Down a desolate country road. Inside a cookie-cutter house in the middle of the suburban sprawl. Ghosts, creatures, and demons are everywhere, waiting for their next victim. I’ve Never Told Anyone is a collection of eleven such stories. Inside, discover… * 734 Walnut Lane tells the saga of a house flipper that discovers their latest purchase has a long-dead squatter who isn’t... [Read More...]

Dead Silent

Chris Chandler is on the run from the press and the furious citizens of Beamishstock, Maine. He agrees to house-sit an isolated estate near Lewis, Vermont with a history and a curse that stretches back to the Albigensian Crusade. There, Chris soon learns that one of the town’s prodigal sons, Gilbert Burgoyne, has recently returned with plans for a Goth festival and Grand Guignol Theater, which he’ll fund through the sale…of the dead and dying. In order to save a collection of priceless ar... [Read More...]

Free: The Pixies

Lily last saw the dreaded pixies when they killed her father and confined her to this orphanage, a castle buried in the middle of the woods. Now, nine years later, when a regiment of soldiers arrives with black boxes carrying ancient Egyptian monsters, Lily is about to have a reunion. Only she knows the pixies can reveal their victims’ greatest dreams and worst nightmares… Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]