The Bully: A Paranormal Thriller

Since the day I declined my boss’ sexual advance, all hell has broken loose. She has abused me with impossible assignments during our work day and haunts me as a vicious spirit at night. I am losing my mind. I am constantly seeing my boss transforming into a vicious spirit. Desperate to set myself free, I pay her a visit with a final plan…but even my extreme measure doesn’t provide a way out.. Maybe there is a world of demons hidden just beneath the surface of everyday life. $1.11... [Read More...]

Z: A Love Story

When horror and romance collide, the world will never be the same again. Kevin is your normal, everyday kind of guy. An office worker in a multistory tower block in downtown London. He feels like his existence is being swallowed up by the monster metropolis where he lives and works. Ignored, lonely, and lovelorn, he’s desperate for a reason to go on. He has one in mind. Rachael. She is everything that he has ever wanted. Four thousand miles away, someone else has other ideas about everyth... [Read More...]

52 Sleepless Nights

The Grim reaper’s scythe isn’t to harvest your soul, he’s there to protect you from the monster in wait. There is a painting in my house during the day that turns into a window at night. I can hear the last words that were spoken by everyone who has ever died in a room. It’s never been so loud as here. 50+ short horror stories and legends. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Witch

When tragedy strikes during a visit to see their grandmother, Ryan Campbell and his sister Emily find themselves preparing for a trip to the hospital with their mother Lisa, instead of returning home. Desperate to avoid reliving the traumatic memories of his father’s death, Ryan begs for a way out. Fortunately, Grandma Wendy’s best friend Dot is there, and offers to keep the siblings for the afternoon. Despite her misgivings, Lisa agrees to let the diminutive woman take them. But as the... [Read More...]


Growing up in a broken home will always be a rough ride for any child caught in the crossfire. Naturally, when The Light speaks to nine-year-old Demetrius, he is too afraid to tell his bipolar mother what he has seen… However, after young Demetrius develops a secret friendship with The Light, he is taken to “The Other Side,” a metaphysical realm where he meets his ancestors and learns about coping with childhood trauma, domestic abuse, and mental illness. Acclaimed screenwriter John Charl... [Read More...]

Modern Goth

Someone’s sending slashers to attack Old Liberty’s teenagers – people like EWP, a quiet geek who dares to wear all black to express himself. Ghosts haunt a popular goth band – including Annie, a singer ignored by mainstream Hollywood. A black inventor, Robert Lawrence, finds himself attacked by unusual enemies – but what do they really want? All these threads lead to Quintessence, a goth/steampunk city located…nowhere. Check out this horror novel by Daniel Tr... [Read More...]