Hex and the City (Canadian Werewolf Book 6)

HER LOVE WILL BRING ABOUT HIS DEMISE. Michael Andrews and Gail Sommers have finally found the love that had eluded them for so long. But their romance has uncovered an ancient evil curse neither of them could have anticipated. It does more than bring down a plague on their houses – it unleashes something far more sinister that can destroy humanity. Now they must choose: battle the evil forces out to destroy them, or continue to meet in secret while the rest of the world burns. If you like... [Read More...]

Undead Nightmare : A Zombie Apocalypse Series : Book 1

The dead have risen. Welcome to Hell! Something is not right in the rural town of Billings. On a peaceful morning, on a quiet street, Bob reads a newspaper on his living room sofa. With his back to the window, he feels the pleasant breeze caress the back of his neck. Then…TAP! TAP! TAP! A strange man is standing in the flower bed staring into the living room behind Bob and tapping incessantly on the window pane. This is awkward and weird to say the least. What does the man want? Does Bob ... [Read More...]

Dethfest Confessions: The Devil’s Playlist

Unleash Your Dark Side at Dethfest Confessions: The Devil’s Playlist! Get ready to embark on a spine-tingling journey into the twisted realms of horror and heavy metal! Mark Tullius, the mastermind of mayhem, has summoned a global legion of horror authors to confess their darkest tales inspired by the electrifying chaos of Dethfest! These authors are here to spill their sinister secrets about the 15 monstrous bands that shook the very foundations of heavy metal! Whether you’re a die... [Read More...]

Free: Untold Mayhem: An Assortment of Violence

24 Intense Tales of Madmen and Monsters from a Master Storyteller. Crime Stories Filled with Suspense, Horror, and Mystery. Inside you will find lurking some of the most disturbed and violent characters out there. What readers have to say about Mark Tullius and this action-packed collection: I prefer shorter horror stories and love stories with unexpected twists or shocking, violent ends. This book is a collection of short horror stories that hit all of my buttons! I really enjoy this assortmen... [Read More...]

Misadventures of a Cryptid Hunter

I didn’t sign up for this. I never wanted to be a cryptid hunter. I didn’t even believe in cryptids. I always thought they were the stuff of bedtime stories to keep kids quiet and in bed, scared out of their wits, when mom and dad wanted some quality time together. I was perfectly happy in my boring job as a park ranger. (Not really) But fate had other ideas. When I came face to face with a Bigfoot… everything changed. Some people are born to greatness, others have it thrust u... [Read More...]

The Shadow of Banshee Hill

In 1818, Cillian Valour, an Irish rebels son with limited prospects, is determined to marry his longtime love, Martha Ashworth, daughter of a local landlord. When her father forbids their engagement, Cillian turns to the heavens for help in an act of desperation but it is a mysterious stranger that answers his call. After accepting an offer too good to refuse, Cillian and Martha are forever changed. Together, the star-crossed lovers turn away from the light and cut a swath of horror and misery ... [Read More...]