Merrily Murdered (A Dear Abby Cozy Mystery Book 6)

There’s no dashing through the snow for Abby Maguire. It’s her first Christmas down under and she’s struggling with a sweltering heatwave, made worse by the fact a body is found in the alley behind the cafe and the finger of suspicion is pointed straight at Joyce Breeland, the cafe owner. Humorous small town cozy mystery with the quirkiest characters around. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Fake It For Money

She’s willing to fake it for money. Just my type of lady. But this isn’t just one night. I need twelve dates for a series of Christmas parties to promote my hotels. Being a forever bachelor means that I don’t have time for love or the games it plays. A fake date from an agency should solve my problems nicely. Not only is she stunning and everything I would choose if someone gave me a checklist, but she’s studying to become a surgeon. I’d gladly let her play doctor on me. *wink* But th... [Read More...]

The Amazing Bees

1 EPIC TALE + 10 FREE COLORING PAGES = HOURS OF FAMILY FUN! Deep in December, when the days are short and the flowers have all been covered by snow, you won’t see many bees buzzing around outside. That’s because honeybees are all nestled into their hive, where they stay warm by sticking close together and eating the honey that they worked all summer to make. But even honeybees can’t help getting excited for Christmastime! In one special beehive, Princess Debbee lives with her family and a... [Read More...]

The Christmas Light Keeper

Kaci Paisley is on assignment as an interior design assistant for a new hotel being built in a small mountain town in the Oregon Cascades. Overworked and stressed, Kaci isn’t prepared for the brutal force of winter. Thank goodness, Lee Branton, a local power lineman is nearby to help her pick up her things. He’s the rugged kind of handsome that makes Kaci forget all about her deadlines and snow-soaked tablet. But is love with a lineman too much to risk? $0.99 on Kindle ... [Read More...]

Journey to the Hopewell Star

A mysterious star could bring stability to her world…or lead her to a blistering end. Quiet and introverted twelve-year-old Sam Sanderson is comfortable living a simple life on her family’s peaceful farm. That is, until a mysterious visitor arrives one night, thrusting her on a formidable and dangerous journey across galaxies. $0.99 on Kindle ... [Read More...]

Under the Mistletoe

Can a kiss under the mistletoe be the beginning of a beautiful relationship? Firefighter and paramedic Spencer McBride has always been a man who knows what he wants – and he wants his coworker Georgie Durant. But when the man from her past comes to town, determined to win her back, can Spencer convince Georgie to take another chance – with him? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Tale of the Tenpenny Tontine

Anty Boisjoly is back to fill the gap that overlaps between Agatha Christie and PG Wodehouse, and where Jerome K Jerome meets Dorothy L Sayers. The Tale of the Tenpenny Tontine is another mystifying, manor house stumper for Wodehousian bon-vivant and problem-solver Anty Boisjoly, when his clubmate asks him to determine who died first after a duel is fought in a locked room. The untold riches of the Tenpenny Tontine are in the balance, but the stakes only get higher when Anty determines that, du... [Read More...]