The Nemesis Factor

In the Greek island of Naxos, a former Serbian army officer is found dead with clear signs of torture. Next to the corpse is a flower, a Narcissus. Denis Martel, an aging Interpol French inspector is, reluctantly, assigned to the case. Thousands of miles away, Adrian Seaten a billionaire and arrogant executive is driving back from shooting a TV commercial with Laura, an employee from his advertising agency, when they have an accident. Two mysterious men will come to their rescue. We cut to an e... [Read More...]


I’m one of the fastest running backs in the NFL, but I can’t outrun my feelings for my best friend. I’ve wanted Teagan Hall for over a decade, but I’ve never been willing to risk our friendship. Then she shows up at my doorstep, fleeing her abusive ex, and everything changes. Now she’s not just my best friend—she’s my roommate. She’s also the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. Every innocent touch crackles. With her walking around in my t-shirts, I’m practically hard 24/7. Th... [Read More...]


Life as he knew it has come to an end. His battle for survival has only just begun. Tom Woodford can’t believe he’s humanity’s only hope. Awakening from a decade-long coma, he’s shocked to learn a killer virus ravaged the planet and he’s the last-remaining pure human on Earth. His terror only intensifies when a mysterious woman plucks him from the dripping jaws of a bloodthirsty humanoid monster. Fleeing with his cryptic caretaker towards her home in the West, Tom’s days blur into a... [Read More...]

The Girl And The Deadly End

Small towns have secrets. The dark mysteries of Emma’s life are ready to be told. It has been more than a year since Emma Griffin stumbled upon a clue behind the dangerous secrets of her past. Now, she has the answers at her fingertips. The only question is will she survive long enough to find them? As Greg struggles to recover, Emma keeps watch over him. She’s desperate for answers, answers locked inside him. And she will do whatever it takes to keep him safe. Her dangerous cat and mou... [Read More...]

Only Our Destiny

Raffaela, the mother of ten children, is desperately poor. How will she feed her children? Southern Italy struggles with poverty and hunger after World War I. The answer for those bold enough to take it is to go to America to find a better life. Millions of Italian immigrants travel there leaving family behind only to find hardship and prejudice as well, but are resilient and persevere. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Hamilton’s Choice

Treachery, political intrigue, and gut-wrenching drama…you know his name but do you know his story? Set against the tumultuous backdrop of the founding of a nation, Hamilton’s Choice chronicles the tragic untold final years of Alexander Hamilton’s life. And with politics, It was then as it is now: turbulent, violent, and often deadly. And when a tragedy strikes, Hamilton learns of how one simple choice can ruin a man’s livelihood forever. Read this sweeping tale of an American hero:... [Read More...]

Red, White, and Boo

The lovable Jennifer Hunter — a down-to-earth second grade teacher and amateur sleuth — is ready for summer break, but when a message from her estranged father arrives, she falls into a whirlwind mystery in New Orleans, LA. As she unravels the mystery of General R.P. Regaurde’s death, she also solves the mystery of her father’s disappearance. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Ruined World: The Last Moon Witch

How far would you go to learn the truth? Witches have been all but wiped out. The remnants of the once great covens are hidden, clinging to the last dregs of magic in a poisoned world. In the sanctuary of Umeå, a fledgling witch named Kanruo searches for the truth behind his family as his crush on the local governor’s son becomes harder to ignore But as secrets unveil themselves and dark forces converge on the horizon, will he be strong enough to change his fate? $2.99 on Kindle ... [Read More...]

The Background Extra

Sam Page was a promising young executive at a Silicon Valley start-up that was going places. After being fired days before his options vested and exiled from the area, Sam has spent the last 15 years planning his redemption. Now he’s back to confront those old friends that betrayed him. Sam’s going to get what’s his and have a lot of fun doing it. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]