Free: Death of a Yellow Page Salesman: From Lost to Found — Filled to Overflowing

Paul Neustrom the author of “Death of a Yellow Page Salesman” Having advised and consulted over 10,000 business owners never prepared me for hitting the lowest point in my career. For over 40 years working mostly in marketing and advertising in yellow page directories, I found Google had effectively destroyed my career. Recovering from that was not an instant process but I describe the struggles and triumphs of that journey in this book. My mission now is to help entrepreneurs and b... [Read More...]

Kindred Souls

The Ark is home to Chicago’s supernatural underground of immortal Kindred shifters. Siblings Nik and Nuala and half brother Luc Lazare run the casino boat for their father Cezar, whose aim is to enlist corrupt humans to build power in the city. Murders bring together the Lazare siblings with mates who are all something else. Mates who challenge them and change their lives forever… From $0.99 to $2.99 on Kindle. Learn More ... [Read More...]

Cats ‘n’ Cocktails Mystery Series

Cats ’n’ Cocktails, formerly McClean’s Pub, is a cat rescue bar and grill owned and operated by Anya McClean. Her sidekick, a cat named Ching— once the beloved pet of a fortune teller— possesses his own supernatural gifts when it comes to exposing unscrupulous characters. Anya’s growing frustration with the incorrigible cat quickly turns to awe when she realizes his misconduct is purpose driven. Using tarot cards, rune tiles, and wildly overt acts of feline impropriety, Ching leaves... [Read More...]

It’s Always Been You

Love is quickly becoming my least favorite four-letter word. I let a girl into my heart once, and she nearly destroyed me. The last time I saw her she was in the back seat of her father’s car, leaving me forever. No goodbye. No mercy. That was ten years ago. Now the sexy vixen from my past is back in town looking to hire a consultant. This is my way back in. But not for redemption or a second chance. For sticky-sweet vengeance. Her business is the most important thing to her, and I can take i... [Read More...]

Welcome to Kissing Springs

A struggling singer suddenly playing sultry Santa. A mayor with hopes too high for love. A town in need of reinventing itself. One Christmas wish will make everything right. My Nashville dreams of making it big on the country music scene shattered to pieces, but I received no sympathy from my brother. He’d cut me off from the family fortune unless I delivered some bad news to our old hometown of Kissing Springs. It shouldn’t be difficult. I’d even take my daughter with me because it�... [Read More...]


The 1957 murder of an undercover cop in a New York City housing project has unexpected ties to the unsolved disappearance of a young father walking home in those same projects with his son, Angelo, on Christmas Eve six years before. The only witness to the cop killing is Angelo, now 13, while on his way to seek his own revenge in the early morning hours. The killers know he saw them. A series of gripping events forge a union between a priest, a Mafia boss, a police detective, and Angelo, a gang... [Read More...]

A Double Dose Of Happiness

A home full of chaos…and comfort. With three-year-old twins to raise, widower Ian Parsons temporarily hires Rachel Gray hoping she’ll solve all their problems. And soon the nanny is working wonders with his girls…and Ian. Rachel even has him agreeing to adopt a bonded dog and cat because the twins love them. He’s laughing, smiling and falling in love again. But will Ian need a double dose of courage to ask Rachel to stay…as his wife? $1.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: What Good Luck Bad Luck

This outstanding book is hilarious about 4 leaf clovers getting picked all the time and the poor three leaf clovers are so jealous. Find out how the story ends. The journey to self-appreciation is wonderfully done. The three leaf clovers complain that the four leaf clovers take all the glory and are upset that they are never the ones picked. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]