This Time Next Summer

In his semi-autobiographical novel, This Time Next Summer, Mikheyev weaves a tender tale about love and loss, one that is distinctly personal and yet universally human. She was beautifully broken. And his everything. Hurt and scarred by every man in her life, Jasmine had vowed to never love again. Then she meets Avgust, and her broken heart resumes beating. A romantic idealist who measures love by his poetry output, Avgust had given up on finding that elusive once-in-a-lifetime kind of love he�... [Read More...]

Living Strategically With Joy

Ignite the power of purposeful living! Prof. Zif’s “Living Strategically with Joy” unveils the secrets to life planning and change readiness. Gain the tools to navigate transitions, embrace uncertainty and create a future brimming with possibilities. Let this captivating book of actionable insights and inspiring stories empower you for joy in life. $1.98 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Courthouse Murder

In July 1949, an unpopular and deeply unpleasant man is stabbed in the courthouse of an English city. As the murder has been committed in a room to which the general public doesn’t have access, it seems probable that the culprit is someone involved with the business of the courts. Suspects include a number of lawyers, police officers, and magistrates. For various reasons, the local Chief Constable decides to ask Scotland Yard to investigate the murder. Chief Inspector Philip Bryce and Sergean... [Read More...]

The Julia Street Series

Old-time trains and train travel are often romanticized, but Sara’s cross-country ride signals a life-changing ending and a much-needed new beginning. In Prequel “All’s Well That Ends,” before she boards a segregated train on the Southside of Chicago, Sara takes the reader on a series of goodbyes as she leaves behind treasured family, friends, and favorite places. With her children, all three under the age of four, Sara travels to join her husband, Ben, who is waiting in Berkeley, Calif... [Read More...]

Top 10 Travel Mistakes To Avoid

Here’s how to avoid some of the biggest pitfalls travelers experience. It does not matter if you are new to traveling or need a little brushing up. In this guide, you will find new innovative strategies to protect yourself while traveling domestically or abroad. This guide is the yellow brick road to having a successful vacation and is value-packed with some of the best resources that you can gift to a loved one or friend. You Will Learn: Tips on how to decrease the anxiety of using an i... [Read More...]

Murder at the Bingo Hall

Bingo can be deadly! When Priscilla slumps over dead, just as she’s about to call “Bingo,” her two best friends, Ethel and Nellie, suspect she’s been murdered. Twists and turns abound, as these two feisty amateur sleuths seek justice for their friend. Psychics, a Ouija board and Nellie’s famous Catch-a-Killer cookies (recipes included) help to garner clues. What did Priscilla know that made her a killer’s target? And will this quirky duo solve the case or die... [Read More...]

Cryptocurrency Investing

Cryptocurrency investing and trading are two of the most lucrative things that you can do today. This is because many people have now started to recognize the true potential of cryptocurrencies and its worth. The volatile nature gives excellent trading setups for you to be able to profit on a consistent basis. You will learn about how to proper invest, and trade, in cryptocurrencies in this book. There are important chapters that will ensure your success in trading, such as proper money managem... [Read More...]

Over the Emerald Valley: MM Paranormal Fantasy Romance

Temaj, a cheeky palace concubine, is gifted to Solon, a dutiful army general, but the last person Solon wants in his bed is a slave sent to spy on him—even if Temaj is a gorgeous, silver-tongued vixen of a man. Trouble brews when emeralds go missing. With only the clever concubine on his side, can Solon escape with his life, or are he and Temaj destined to haunt the walls of the palace forever? $4.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]