The Messy Man Series

Curl up with some ghosts this Halloween… For fans of Stephen King comes THE MESSY MAN trilogy. Enter a world of haunted houses, hungry demons and twists galore. This award-winning series is the perfect way to celebrate the spooky season. “…a perfectly paced, well-plotted, and compelling haunted house tale filled with oppressive atmosphere, sympathetic and detailed characters, and only a touch of gore.” LIBRARY JOURNAL “The Nightmare Room is one creepy little gem! I highly recommen... [Read More...]

A Shade of Surrender

Samantha Prescott: Melanie Blain’s world is turned upside down when Park and Law Enforcement Ranger, Zander McNeil, breaks down on her property during the worst blizzard her hometown has had in decades. Ranger Zander takes Melanie on a journey of self-exploration, freedom and self-surrender. Melanie realizes the woman she thought she was, isn’t the woman she is. $1.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

A Master Is Born

Nearly a millennium ago, countless necromancers of the Night Fold were banished to a realm unseen. Since then, the continent of Prim Ordal has slowly recovered, its fault-lines and fractures from the Barren Wars fading with the winds of time. But now those times have changed… A ferocious blight has been unleashed, rapidly transforming living things everywhere into deathly perversions of themselves. As the darkness unfolds, Roscoe Coats – a hunter without a past – must do the i... [Read More...]

Serviced (Getting Dirty Series Book 1)

She’s off limits. Too bad I’ve never been one to follow the rules. Rowen Jennings is off limits, especially for the likes of me. It’s not even that I’m seven years older. It’s her brother. Bridger is one of my best friends. There’s no way in hell that I should be thinking of his baby sister the way I do. I definitely shouldn’t be dreaming of her every night and imagining all of the dirty things I want to do to her. The problem is, I do. And Rowen doesn’t discourage my hunger. Sh... [Read More...]

Ghosted: The Treason House Trilogy

Happiness is a hot ghost. Julia falls hard for the spirit of Victorian beefcake, Hillier Knight at the Jersey shore’s most haunted home, Treason House. Their relationship has more ups and downs than a boardwalk roller coaster as they battle a bloodthirsty pirate ghost and Julia’s strange psychic family. Can the love of mortal and specter survive all this in the first book of the trilogy? $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Past Legends: An Arthurian Fantasy Novel (The Camelot Immortals Book 1)

An immortal witch of Camelot. A looming magical crisis. A destiny she’s willing to reject. Past Legends: The Camelot Immortals Book One, is a contemporary Arthurian fantasy inspired by the tales we all know and love. If you like strong snarky heroines, wizards and witches, and copious amounts of alcohol, then you’ll love the adventures of Nimue and her friends. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: The Plan

Silver Medal Winner at the 2020 International Readers Favorite Awards! Bead shop owner Amelia Frothingham has been keeping a secret from everyone she knows. She pretends to be the ultimate care-free bohemian chick, but the truth is, she’s the world’s biggest control freak. Much to the delight of her Southern family, Amelia’s life appears to be smooth sailing. That is, until bad boy rockstar Huck Wiley mysteriously blows into town like a spring tornado. Like every other woman u... [Read More...]