Free: The Sand Between Us: No Enemy Like a Memory – Book 2

The Sand Between Us: No Enemy Like a Memory - Book 2

Country music superstar Clayton Meyers returns home to Nashville from his successful national concert tour but is filled with disillusion, helplessness, and a true need for connection. His wife Kate, entrepreneur extraordinaire, hoped for something different upon his return. Kate, pushed to her limits with work, past hurts, and fears of abandonment, is now secretly seeking a divorce—with the caveat that Clayton must feel the pain she has felt before she leaves him for good—which only adds to their relationship’s uncertainty.

A surprise visit from a long-lost friend offered what looked like a chance for the couple to share in a much-needed getaway to an exotic destination. But now it may be compromised by both Clayton and Kate being convinced the other has been unfaithful while they’ve been apart.

Shortly after arriving in paradise, unforeseen circumstances change things quickly, setting Clayton and Kate on an adventure they could never have dreamed of. Will they learn to find shelter in each other once again? Or will it drive them further apart—forever?

They now are forced to deal with the sand between them, while they sift through mutual needs, painful memories, and past hurts. Will Clayton and Kate be able to unearth their true love again? Or will it remain buried like a hidden treasure?

Join the adventure in the second novel of The Sand Between Us: No Enemy like a Memory, as the love story continues in this inspirational romance series focused on faith, passion, and rediscovering the meaningful connections of a marriage that had run ashore. Free on Kindle.
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