Stop The Tall Man, Save The Tiger: A Memoir

Stop The Tall Man, Save The Tiger: A Memoir

When Peter Young married Paige, the love of his life, he unwittingly entered a whole new world, one dominated by her bizarre Uncle Robert.

While trying to remain close to Paige and thus save his marriage, Peter was sucked into the tiny cult of Uncle Robert’s where casinos are churches and Jews conspire to rule the world.

But you never know you are in a cult, you only know you were in one. So for nearly twenty years Peter allowed himself to be slowly brainwashed, missing the obvious signs he was in a cult, including the true meaning of the mysterious tiger dream.

In his raw and powerful memoir, Peter provides an unflinching look at how cult leaders brainwash their followers and infect them with condemnation, hatred, and paranoia. Ultimately, Peter found the true meaning of the tiger dream and discovered that even though he needed to be rescued from the cult of Uncle Robert, he had been saved all along by a loving and gracious God. $0.99 on Kindle.
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