Free: Amazing Facts & Trivia For Kids 8 & Up Who Love To Learn

Welcome to “Amazing Facts & Trivia for Kids 8 & Up Who Love To Learn”! This exciting Kindle eBook is a treasure trove of 580 captivating questions that are sure to ignite your child’s curiosity and expand their knowledge. Designed for kids 8 and older, this book is perfect for young learners who love exploring new ideas and challenging their minds. The questions in this book range from easy to challenging, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Whether your chi... [Read More...]

Free: God, Gravity and the Grand Design: Einstein’s Mindblowing Mistake

WHAT IF HOW PHYSICISTS VIEW OUR UNIVERSE, THE LAWS OF SCIENCE THAT SERVE AS THE FOUNDATION FOR OUR UNDERSTANDING AND THE ORIGINS OF OUR VERY EXISTENCE, ARE ALL COMPLETELY MISSING SOMETHING IMPORTANT? In physics, the holy grail is a unified theory that explains how our universe works, unites all the major forces driving our universe, and eliminates the contradictions involving quantum mechanics and relativity. Tom James, in this groundbreaking work, rigorously dissects reality in a way that has ... [Read More...]

Free: The Privilege of Caring: A Doctor’s Urgent Call To Heal The U.S. Healthcare System

Care enough to be curious. Be curious enough to show you care. In the aftermath of the global pandemic, we were left devastated and in need of stable and reliable healthcare. Todays polarized political landscape has become consumed by violence and insecurity. Dr. Eric Fethke offers a prescription to improve the health of our nation, kindness, acceptance, and equality. With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Fethke shares the life lessons he learned while practicing medicine as a pediatric cardiol... [Read More...]

Portrait to Landscape: A Landscape Strategy to Reframe Our Future

Portrait to Landscape: A Landscape Strategy to Reframe Our Future is a ground-breaking book that calls for a transformative shift in our relationship with the natural world. Written by a renowned landscape architect, this book offers a new perspective on our place in the world and a compelling vision for a regenerative future. In an era plagued by environmental disasters and global challenges, the book argues that our exploitative and fragmented relationship with nature is at the root of these ... [Read More...]

How Building the Future Really Works

In the realm of business and technology development, there exist fundamental principles similar to the laws of physics. These principles have never been compiled into a single, accessible volume—until now. This book serves as a comprehensive guide, distilling these essential laws sparing you the laborious task of piecing together this intricate puzzle over a lifetime. Within these pages, you will embark on a journey toward a profound comprehension of how individuals, companies, and nations mu... [Read More...]

Climate Crisis Plan

Meaningful action on climate change is possible. This book explains how you can be part of the solution. In this book, you will: Receive a step-by-step guide to help you reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Learn how to communicate and connect with others, contributing to the momentum for meaningful change. Discover how to influence corporations, industries, and government to act now to reduce emissions aligned to the best scientific advice. Receive easy-to-use tools and a free workbook to help you... [Read More...]

Free: 10 Days of Space Facts & Activities: Science Book For Kids

Studying and learning science has never been more exciting. Every day, your child will be learning a new topic and using what they have learned to do a variety of fun exercises designed to help reinforce their learning. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: You Are Some Piece of Work

ARE YOU REALLY WHAT YOU THINK YOU ARE? You will be surprised by the answer in this guide to self-realization and self-appreciation. Robert Hamady reveals six neurological findings that indicate it is your brain, not you, that directs yourself and your body. He follows this with the six principal features of your consciousness and the wonder of you as the self-aware subject of consciousness. You Are Some Piece Of Work will have you questioning what you know about yourself and at the same time ha... [Read More...]

Free: Hopeful Realism: A Climate Manifesto

Despite making “green” promises and setting abstract future targets, all major institutions operationally ignore the climate crisis, even as some admit there is a problem. The purpose of this Climate Manifesto is to point out why these far-reaching changes in our environment now require us to take drastic steps, not just as individuals but also as whole societies. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]