Whispers In The Wind

Whispers In The Wind

When Tess McCormick lost her husband, part of her died with him.

Quitting her job as a police detective for an early retirement and with her grown son off to follow in his parents footsteps, she struggles to find a new direction in life. But after the discovery of a mysterious beach house leads her to a small island town off the coast of North Carolina, Tess is brought face-to-face with the last man she ever expected to meet.

Nick Hogan is a broken man. After the tragic death of his wife and daughter, the winds of fate brought him to the island to live out the rest of his days in solitude and grief. But seeing Tess again kindles a new spark of life within him one he thought hed lost long ago.

As Tess struggles to unravel the shadowy story behind her late husband and make sense of the strange and eccentric locals she finds herself strangely drawn to Nick. But someone on the island wants her gone… and when disaster strikes, Tess will need to put on her detectives cap and solve one last case.

Two souls shattered by grief. Can Tess and Nick mend their hearts and find new life on the island? Or will their hopes be dashed on the rocky shores of old wounds and suspicions?

Embark on a beautiful beachside adventure that will enchant your imagination with quirky characters, page-turning mysteries, and a picturesque small-town setting. Whispers In The Wind is a charming contemporary women’s beach read thats perfect for fans of clean and wholesome stories with feel-good themes and happy endings. $0.99 on Kindle.
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