Free: Odar: Jido, A Journey Through Community

Odar: Jido, A Journey Through Community
Hovsep Karamardian is on the precipice of adulthood. Finishing his education, he awaits a life in the family business that seems to him like a prison. On an errand to market, an unexpected confrontation forever changes him. After living a life surrounded by family and friends in Kessab, he is abruptly forced to travel with his brother to start again in the Americas.

Hovsep is odar or other in this new world. Relying on nothing but his own intrepid nature and ability to adapt, he finds work, love, and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Thus begins a story that will span generations and trace the unfolding of improbably linked fates. Denice Peter Karamardians Jido explores the honoring of family, memory, and legacy even in the midst of new beginnings and evolving identities. Free on Kindle.
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