Single Mom’s SEALs

Single Mom's SEALs

Walking into an interview with my five-year-old is the epitome of single mom problems.
Towering above me: three dashing ex-SEALs including an old flame!
Now Im totally freaking out. One of them is my sons daddy.
And he has no idea!

Towering above me: three dashing ex-SEALs including an old flame I never got over!

Enter Kace, the brooding, tattooed ex-military billionaire CEO in search of tranquility.
Finn, the charming, Ex-SEAL-turned-CFO, who lights a spark in me with his teasing.
And Elias, the quiet, magnetic CTO tech genius, who seems to read my thoughts.

They offer my son and I a new home in their luxurious abode.
Three dreamy men rallying around a single mom, asking nothing in return? Yah right!

Maybe I can keep up this act long enough to save up and move out on my own.
But it’s hard to ignore the heat in their eyes when we’re alone…
Or how they turn into oversized teddy bears around my son, completely stealing my heart.

Temptations arise at every opportunity and my walls crumble for my irresistible bosses but soon, our passions ignite, and I end up with a baby in my belly

And no clue whose it is.
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