Retro Ride

Retro RideRetro Ride: Question your past, answer your future.

WHEN Robert Bailey finally achieves what society expects of him (model citizen, good job, family, etc.) he realises he still has no sense of fulfillment or purpose and embarks on a journey of self-discovery to seek answers.

As Robert plunges into a mid-life crisis, he replaces his proposed Bucket List with a Retro Ride, a list of tasks and scenarios designed to reassess his past decisions and relive key experiences of his life. However, he also has to tackle the darker side of the Retro Rides probing into his demons and their historical context. It is an emotional journey of extremes as he experiences the highs and lows of questioning his past to answer his future. Is this just a mid-life crisis or has Robert discovered a pioneering opportunity in the Retro Ride to bring him purpose and shape the fulfilled future he craves? $3.82 on Kindle.
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