The Mysterious Beach Home

The Mysterious Beach Home

A beach house was the last thing Elizabeth expected to inherit.

When her husbands tragic death leaves her the owner of a quiet cottage on the shores of Tybee Island, she hopes its the perfect place to mend her soul and work through her whirlwind of emotions.

But after spending years as the perfect housewife, Elizabeths newfound freedom offers a world of daunting challenges and exciting possibilities. When she strikes up a friendship with the local historian, she plunges into the enchanting folklore behind her beautiful island home and quickly finds herself on a puzzling scavenger hunt that causes her to question everything she ever knew about her late husband.

As she mourns the loss of old love and looks toward the future, the free-spirited sports and nature enthusiast William Shore catches her eye. And as the trio unravels the mysteries behind Tybee Island, Elizabeth slowly begins to escape her comfort zone and embrace a soul-searching journey that will lead her into a brand-new chapter of life.

Can Elizabeth discover the truth behind her beach house? And can she find the strength to let go of her grief and open her heart to love again?

Embark on a beautiful adventure to the shores of Tybee Island with this charming novel about grief, loss, freedom, self-discovery, and finding new love. The Mysterious Beach House is a delightful contemporary women’s beach read thats perfect for readers who want to forget about their worries and enjoy a relaxing series with gripping mysteries and happily-ever-afters. $0.99 on Kindle.
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